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This is a location for non-registered members to get a feel or idea of some of what is available to members of our community, it features introductions, benefits,mission statement, history and goals of our present community ^,=,^

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Quick Tour was created by Jafira
Due to privacy concerns, the majority of the interactive features of our community require a quick registration.

Features available to the public consist of the news, welcome and rules sections of the forum. The "About Us" page containing a quick site history, Member Galleries (subject to change should privacy requests arise) Member Blogs (also subject to change) Site Content, FAQ's, the Dracopedia, the site's Calendar, the Dragon Map, our downloads, assorted web links and our site's Dragon Wiki.

Dragon Valley's map feature has been utilized to pinpoint the location of over 100+ dragon landmarks from around the world, not just images or snippets of detail, but the exact locations to the best of our abilities.

It also offers a Member Map wherein members can voluntarily offer their general locations or cities to share their overall whereabouts with others nearby.

Registration unlocks the ability to access the full forum:

Registration also unlocks access to a ShoutBox, a Member Map, the ability to edit the event calendar, Private Messaging, the ability to submit content such as personal dragon writings, works or theories to the site, the ability to create a personal blog and the ability to create a personal art gallery.

Registration also allows access to our Discord widget, our server is a small but friendly group, we see ourselves as a family and are always eager to share friendship and support to new faces and friends who may wish to join or visit.

At present, our Wiki is not bridged to the main site, but it only requires a quick registration as well if you wish to contribute. Anyone is welcome to contribute to it so long as your additions are relevant and assistive! I did my best to flesh it out with a few contributions of my own prior to opening the site to the public, please feel free to browse and check it out!

Our Forum hosts a variety of dragon emoticon packs to assist in expressing yourself, we hope they'll be fun and playful in moderation!
:laugh: :pounce: :b-silly: :flammie3:

If you scroll to the very bottom of this page, you'll note there is a random Youtube video, I will typically just throw random dragon videos or music down there on occasion just to keep things fresh and changing. The feature is easily ignored if not your cup of tea.

But in addition to cringey random dragon tributes the video feature can also be used for more useful purposes such as streaming. The video feed at the bottom of the page can show your art or game streams upon request, I am happy to link to members' streams and eager to mirror them here on site for our friends and family to watch at their leisure.

As our community's numbers and membership begins to grow, it may be possible to start a Steam group, we can perhaps play games together and stream the footage for others to watch as our group and friends play and game together!

Please consider joining in on the fun, we're eager to meet you! Until that time, keep smiling and never cease to fly ever higher towards those bright blue skies!

~Jafira Dragon
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