Welcome, it seems that you have found our community, we welcome you! ^,=,^   
Dragons Valley is a dragon fan forum founded in 2006, its target audience is fans of dragons as well as self described Otherkin. Dragon Valley's first incarnation vanished early in development in the spring of 2006 but the site was reconstructed the following year of 2007, from that point on our small community of dragons and fans of dragons humbly drifted along through many years of ups and downs. Unfortunately, as all things must one day end, the original Dragons Valley ceased to function in December of 2018, it was designed from deprecated code and so we laid it to rest that it might fly the skies of time and memory, it is now defunct, but remains preserved for posterity here --> http://www.dv.dragons-valley.com/index.php. OG-DV served us well. But, like the mythical Phoenix it has been reborn anew with this modern revamp.
That you have arrived here likely implies that you have an interest in dragons. I hope that you find this site to be a valuable resource in that interest. It was designed to appeal to all who may seek to learn about dragons. Its resources are designed to touch upon all angles, be it the simple love of the myth and being, be it the quest for artistic expression, be it a desire to share infatuations, or be it, something more emotional and personal, something more spiritual.
This site may not be the best, or the largest, it may be small and fledgling, but it has a purpose, to show those who love, connect, or identify with dragons, that they are not alone in their convictions, that although our visitors may be worlds apart, they may share one common conviction, one which can unite us, a singular agreement, an inner longing to connect with, and to know, that which we perceive to be dragon.

That in sharing experiences and philosophy, spirituality and theory, and a common love for all things draconic, we may unite, affirm, trust, and grow together, no longer will those who felt as outcasts need feel alone again. Should this site not be of your liking, or be found laughable, that is okay, there are many others like it, the Internet is a grand place, move on. But so long as I can show even a single person, that they are not alone in their beliefs, then I have changed a life, and this site has succeeded in its purpose.

I invite you to join us, join us on a journey of spiritual exploration, of self affirmation, of speculation, of theory and debate, of myth, and of fantasy. At times the road may be rough, or controversial, but in the spirit of our common connection with that mystic ever changing entity that we call dragon, we shall continue in our journey and grow stronger from our experiences.

We welcome you here!

~Jafira Dragon