Dragons Valley is Temporarily Down.

About two weeks ago, the community Dragons Valley simply went offline and the majority of the site became inaccessible for most browsers and users. The problem at this point cannot quickly be overcome at my present skill level. I will have to do some trial and error / research on the problem. In the meantime, the database prior to this point, remains intact and safe, as do the backups of all necessary files. In as such, I do intend to have the site return ASAP, I simply need some time to resolve the present problem.

For now I shall focus on getting some help to guide me through this present trial and will be looking into any possible vulnerability that may have caused the issue in the first place.

Dragons Valley will return, (we always do..) but it may take me a little time for me to sort out the problem. In the meantime, I have provided a list of alternative dragon resource sites. Have fun, hang tight, and keep your wings adrift, We'll be back soon!

Thank You and sorry for any inconvenience,

~Jafira Dragon

Site Status: 75 % Restored

Reinstalled Site from scratch with updated software, most systems functioning...

Present Site satatus:
Livechat Malfunctioning


Reinstallation Status:
Themes need to be installed
Text Editor Needs Installed
Member Galleries Need to be Installed

No further problems noted.

Site Restoration 75% Most major functions optimal.

Estimated full functionally by this weekend..



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