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    Dragons Valley :: View topic - Advice on Draconity

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    Advice on Draconity

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    PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:51 am    Post subject: Advice on Draconity Reply with quote

    An excerpt from my draconity guide, these are quotes of advice that I have given to friends and personally lived by over the years.


    Regarding The Pursuit of Draconity and Otherkin Beliefs:

    "In regards to your new found spirituality, take it slow, relax and don't dive in too quickly. Meditate and relax on the matter, let the feelings, memories, sensations, whatever need happen, happen slowly, that way you can gain from and acknowledge each new experience individually rather then in a rush, you will learn more and grow better that way. Remember, the spirit knows what it is, even if the mind does not. Learn a bit at a time, with each day a new journey."

    "Draconity is about faith and spiritual growth, therein like any other belief, all we can do is learn as we go, and make the necessary corrections as needed."

    "it seems that a fictional character may manifest as a spiritual aspect down the line, and have the same name, but not personality or appearance, It just seems feasible that an inner part of ones spirit or subconscious memory may attempt to manifest part of itself through our creative works."

    "But! In regards to having a fictional character being a part of who you really are, one important thing to remember is that there is a fine line between fantasy and reality, it is possible, theoretical, and may happen on rare occasion, but such beliefs require immense amounts of personal honesty and soul searching in order to be certain that it is truly the case, most often it is not."

    "Whether otherkinism is possible or not is yet to be determined, it could be simple self delusion, or real, it is the same with magick, religious faith and any other variety of metaphysics or philosophy, it is all relative to ones individual perceptions."

    "As said, it is simply perception, I can not state anything metaphysical as fact, it is all relative, just what "I" as an individual have perceived and experienced."

    "In regards to guides and spiritual companions the important thing is, regardless of origin, be it from within or from without, they are here to help us and guide us through this life, and that is what matters most, though we may not always have all the answers. they are here with us on this journey."

    "My awakening(s) were sporadic and often times tense, there were many bouts were I would shift between acceptance and denial. There where many occasions in my past when my spiritual beliefs gave me pride and strength, others when they brought me down and to the brink of insanity, there were times in which they helped and times in which they were my greatest threat."

    "But as a result of my draconity and unique spirituality in general, I have had and witnessed experiences that most in the mundane side of life would never have experienced or known. Despite the heartaches and mistakes of my past and present, through all the fluff and spiritual self exploration, pain and lessons I would gladly do such again at a moments notice, I shudder to think of what and who I would be if I had not awakened as I had, if I was not at least in mind or spirit, a dragon."

    "If you should find yourself in falsehood, hit the reset button, start over from scratch too your earliest evidence of draconity and build upon it slowly, reforming your own personal truths on perceived fact, and do not fear the results no matter how uncomfortable it may be, remember it is important above all else, to seek truth over delusion, and approach with patience and confidence in what you are in your heart and soul."

    "When my original draconic beliefs collapsed from advert falsehood, I was devastated, but I slowly rebuilt my belief on a strong basis of what I knew in my heart to be true, it was not as epic or fantastical as my original beliefs, but it was based on the perceived truth in my heart, and I could be confident that no matter what, I knew who and what I was, and that I was a black western dragon, if nothing else, then in spirit."

    "I have observed that someone who may meditate or search within themselves often, would be more likely to connect with a possible spiritual experience, whereas someone who is not spiritually introspective may never awaken to any spiritual influence, or may awaken much later in life after triggering a spiritual connection by chance or external influence."

    "Through my awakenings and spiritual growth I have met people and learned things I could never possibly have imagined, far from the benign expectations of life in modern society, I have danced with witches, studied under shamans, learned of deity and our creator through unique perspectives, I have had unique pains and trials that most average individuals could not comprehend or would seldom consider, and these have made my life, though tumultuous, incredibly and uniquely awesome."

    "I started working to separate fact from fiction, learned not to make up my draconity as I went, but to rather search myself deeply to best understand my beliefs. Lastly I learned that draconity requires a lot of faith, as unlike other beliefs it is not well accepted by most individuals, it is best to be discerning who you tell. But it is also, as I learned, something that you can not run away from without causing a good extent of pain in the process. The most important thing I learned is that it is a never ending journey of self discovery"

    "It is important to visit nature, not for fallacious experiments to return home for our lost love ones and families, nor to return to our perceived true forms before it is time, but rather, to simply remember who and what we are, that we are different, and to know we have a place where we can be different, nature becomes a portal to our homelands not in the physical sense, but rather an emotional and spiritual sense, there, at those locations we are safe from the pains and judgments of this world, if only for a little while, we can be free to be that which we truly are."

    "Remember, not everyone will accept everything, do not cause yourself undue harm needlessly, recall that what is rational to some, will be irrational to others, we each exist in our own reality, study how others may interact and if it will be right for you, speak only that which they should know or will understand, your spirituality is most relevant to yourself, others need not know your deepest truths unless the others are trustworthy or you wish them known."

    Your spiritual identity is not the world, only a single aspect of the greater picture of who you are, do not cling to a life now perished, so much that you miss out on the experiences, joys and lessons of this present life.
    Jafira ~ The Tycosian Dragon Visit My Homepage
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