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Dragons Valley- Neo was created by Jafira
Dragons Valley was first built as a forum in 2006, it lasted for two months before failing due to security vulnerabilities. In late 2007 it was restored, but never truly recovered from its initial poor beginnings. The community stagnated with occasional spurts of activity but never truly took off. In 2018 the site's antiquated coding was no longer viable and the site ceased to function.

Dragons Valley has lingered on the web for nearly ten years but never really had a real shot at things, partly because Jafira was too shy to properly run it, partly due to its poor first impressions, a lot of factors doomed it. But its story shouldn't end dying of old age in the shadows of the web. I want to give the site one last shot. So, I've rebuilt it anew, the same features of the original with a few modern additions centered around a discord server, I am hopeful this incarnation may be stronger than the first.

We welcome you to Dragons Valley, please explore and make yourself at home, consider joining our small and growing family, we hope you can find a place in our community!
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